Adoption Day 2019

November is National Adoption Month and this week we are proud to celebrate families! It’s Adoption Day 2019 in Fresno County and we are overjoyed to see 50 children realize their dream of a permanent home with their forever families as their adoptions are finalized. This week, 30 families close the chapter on the adoption process and begin a new journey forward with children they can call their own.

The road to adoption has had its challenges for the children and their families, but all have persevered in pursuit of providing love, support and safety for children in need. These families are among many in our community that have opened their hearts and homes as foster families and adoptive parents, making a tremendous impact in the lives of their children.

But with more than 2,300 children in various stages of foster care throughout our County, there is always a tremendous need for more supportive families willing to help. If you would like to learn more about becoming a resource family for children in our community, please call 877-533-KIDS (5437) and/or visit for information.

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