State delivers 250-bed alternate care site for Fresno County and surrounding region

The State and Federal government have provided Fresno County with a 250-bed alternate care site to help alleviate strain on local hospitals in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The site, established at the Fresno Convention Center, includes beds, medical equipment, and personal protective equipment for staff and patients and is intended to decompress hospitals by receiving and treating low-acuity non-COVID-19 cases referred to the site from hospitals impacted by COVID-19 positive patients.

“We welcome this valuable resource that will help hospitals provide necessary care to COVID-19 patients here in Fresno and throughout our Central Valley region should the need arise,” says Fresno County District 4 Supervisor and Board Chairman, Buddy Mendes. “As this pandemic continues to evolve, we must ensure we have the capacity in place to treat those in need and ease the demands on our emergency systems and hospitals so that they can most effectively treat the most severe cases.”

As the coordinating area for the 7-county Central Valley region, Fresno County is working closely with local healthcare providers and neighboring Counties to assess the needs and determine how resources of the site will be most effectively allocated.

The County joined with representatives of the City of Fresno and the California National Guard to announce the completion of the site.


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