Television production brings “Karma” to Fresno County

Shaver Lake region hosts 1st season of new outdoor adventure competition series

On Thursday, June 18, Karma, a new adventure competition series, will begin airing on HBO Max. This new series, filmed entirely in the Shaver Lake area, takes sixteen contestants, ranging in age from 12-15, completely off the grid, away from parents and the formal comforts of home. Eight teams of two will be tested for mental and physical stamina as they unravel how the lessons of their past and the actions of their present impact their future in the game.

Contestants will solve puzzles and overcome physical challenges, with the laws of Karma setting the rules. Focus, giving, humility, growth, connection, change and patience are the path to becoming the Karma Champion. Players learn one of life’s most profound lessons, “What you give out, you get back”.

GoodStory Entertainment brought the over 100-person cast and crew to film an entire season of this new series. This production marked a return visit to Shaver Lake for executive producer JD Roth, who filmed the series “Endurance” at this location in 2006. The Shaver community was thrilled to welcome him back.

“Having the opportunity to act like a local in such a great little town was such a luxury,” says Roth. “From the monkey bread, to the Trading Post where my requests for vegan food were met with a smile, I always felt at home and at ease in a community full of people who love to be on the water with family and friends all summer long. I felt lucky to be taken in and treated so well while away from home.”

Karma filmed for six weeks in July and August of 2019, creating and estimated economic impact from just the direct spending in Fresno County of over $1 million. Expenditures included lodging, transportation, equipment rental, supplies and vendor services utilized during the production’s six week stay. In addition, several local hires were added to the production crew.

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